Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jowar Roti

Jowar is a millet, which is very nutritious, a good source of proteins and fiber.This is my first try at making this roti, so it's not perfect. Even though i am not an expert at this, i still want to share this experience. I welcome suggestions. So this is how i started out to make the Jowar roti. I got to tell you, it was not so easy. I followed the same method as you make kerala pathiri dough.


1 cup - Jowar flour
1 cup - Water
Salt to taste


1 ) Bring to a boil one cup water and salt in a utensil. Take off the stove. Add jowar flour, stir well and mix in with the water as in the picture below. If water is more add more flour to the dough and form like a chapati dough. Knead well when cool and form medium size balls to make the roti.

2 ) Sprinkle flour on the board to make roti. Take a ball of dough and flatten with palm. Sprinkle jowar flour generously on the flattened dough and using a rolling pin, gently roll to make roti like in the picture.

3 ) To lift the dough, you can use the rolling pin. Keep the rolling pin near the tip of the dough, fold the dough on to the pin and lift.Place on a hot pan /tawa and cook on both sides.

In the same way use rest of the dough to make roti. Use jowar flour generously to roll the dough.

Serve hot. In the picture i have served jowar roti with chole. Finally it was worth the effort. A delicious meal. The roti was soft and tasted almost like rice pathiri/roti.


Use half quantity of wheat flour and half of Jowar flour. Mix in with water and make chapati / roti dough of it. Make roti's out of the dough.


eastcoastlife said...

Happy New Year!!!

Great to discover your blog! I can cook more Indian dishes which the family loves.

Anonymous said...

jowar roti tastes better with chicken or baingan ka bharta.chickpea are strict no no for jowar roti