Friday, December 15, 2006

Padavalanga Unakka Chemmeen Curry - Snake gourd Dry Shrimp Curry

This is a nice combination of dry shrimps with snake gourd. Padavalanga as is known in Malayalam is quite bland in taste.You can spice it up by combining unakka chemmeen and other spices with padavalanga.Unakka chemmeen is small dry shrimps, sun dried.


1 - Snake gourd /Padavalanga, chopped to small pieces
1 cup - Dry Shrimp / Unakka chemmeen, washed well
Salt to taste

To grind to paste

1 to 1.5 cup - Grated fresh coconut
1/2 tsp - Turmeric powder
1 tsp - Red chili powder
1/4 tsp - Jeera / Cumin
2 big- Shallot , chopped


1 tsp - Mustard Seeds
5 big - Shallots, chopped
3 sprigs - Curry leaves
Coconut Oil


1 ) Place a pot on stove with one cup water. Add snake gourd, dry shrimps and salt to taste. Cook to a boil, then simmer till cooked well.

2 ) Add the ground thick coconut paste. Add enough water to make a curry consistency. Don't make it too watery. Bring to a boil and take off the stove.

3 ) Season with mustard, shallots and curry leaves. Add to the curry.

Serve with rice. This is a yummy curry.....goes well with rice.

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