Thursday, January 04, 2007

Banana Halwa

Nenthra Pazham halwa is prepared used extra ripe plantain. Nenthra Pazham is the malayalam name for ripe plantain. My hometown calicut, is very famous for it's halwas and banana chips. Banana halwa is one of the best halwas to try, when in Calicut...also known as Kozhikode. This is my version of making banana halwa.


3 - Extra ripe plantain
1 cup - Whole milk
1 cup -
Sugar or Jaggery syrup
1 - cardamom, powdered
1/2 cup - Ghee ( Clarified butter )
Few cashew nuts to decorate.


1 ) Place the ripe plantains to steam in a steamer.

2 ) Steam till banana is well cooked. You will see, like in the picture below, the skin split from steaming and banana is cooked. Or you can microwave the banana. Cut to 3-4 pieces and place in microwave safe plate and cook till cooked.

3 ) Remove the skin and cut the banana in the center. You will be able to see, black seeds in the center. Remove the seeds and mash the banana well.

4 ) In a heavy bottom pan add milk. When using sugar, add sugar to milk and boil, to melt the sugar. Then add mashed banana, cook till all the milk is used up.Add cardamom powder and mix in. Then add ghee and cook till halwa is leaving the sides of the pan and has browned in color.

5 ) When using jaggery, mix mashed banana and milk and cook till the banana is well mashed up and all the milk is used up. Add Jaggery syrup and cardamom powder. Stir and cook till all the liquid is used up. Add ghee and keep stirring till the banana paste is leaving the sides of the pan and the colour of the paste has turned to a deep brown.

6 ) Grease a plate with ghee and spread the banana halwa on the plate. Apply some ghee on the back of a spoon ( this will help to shape the halwa ) and smooth down the top of the halwa and shape it.

Cut into squares and decorate with roasted cashewnut. Serve when cool.


noushu said...

I like all Halwa's especially Banana Halwa!!

Nice post...
keep it up.

noushu said...

I like this pictures toooooo...
it bring a live action.
Thanx for this post.

Poornima said...

Yummy looking banana halwa, but do you need nentram pazham? Or can you do it with ordinary ones. Are you from South Yarra melbourne, I am asking since I am from Melbourne too. Love your recipes

Pravs said...

Hi Poornima : Thanks. Yes you need nentra pazham for making this halwa. I have not tried with ordinary ones. I am in USA.Do let me know, how the halwa turned out. Thanks for visiting :D

deepak said...

just tried out the banana halwa.. came out quite well.. thanks a ton..

Pravs said...

deepak : Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you liked the halwa :D

Anita Mokashi said...

Very nice post
Even i tried this one

Anita Mokashi said...

Very nice post
Even i tried this one