Monday, September 24, 2007

Jackfruit Thoran

Jackfruit thoran made with unripe jackfruit. Got frozen jackfruit from the Indian store to make this thoran. The product came all the way from kerala, was not so fresh. But after cooking, the thoran tasted good. So if you can get some fresh ones, this thoran will be very delicious.


12 oz packet - Unripe jackfruit, shredded
1/4 tsp - Turmeric powder
salt to taste

Grind coarsely or Crush with mortar & pestle

1/4 cup - Fresh grated coconut
2 - Green chili
1 - Shallot ( medium size )
1 flake - Garlic ( optional )


1/2 tsp - Mustard seeds
1 sprig - Curry leaves


1 ) Cook jackfruit with turmeric powder and salt to taste in little water. Cook covered with a lid on low heat.

2 ) Crush the ingredients listed, either grind coarsely in a blender or crush with a mortar & pestle.

3 ) Add crushed ingredients with cooked jackfruit and mix. Cover and cook for a minute or two on low heat. Take off the heat.

4 ) Season with mustard and curry leaves. Heat oil in a pan, pop mustard seeds and then add curry leaves. Pour over the jackfruit and mix.

Serve with rice as a side dish.


Asha said...

How I wish I get raw Jackfruit here! Looks delicious. I am seeing lot of Kalan,Thoran these days!:))

Seena said...

umm..chakka upperi, Love to take with naalumanichaya..:)

Happy cook said...

Wow you made jackfruit thoran.
I am jealous you can make it there. I love the dish.
Last time i ate this dish was when i was 21. After my marriage i have never ate this. When ever i fo back now to Kerala for holiday there is no more jackfruit available.

Pooja V said...

raw jackfruit sabzi....i justlove you. I feel like eating it right from the screen.

Rajitha said...

lovely photo and the way ur blog's name is one the curry cute!!

Prajusha said...

chakka upperi adipoli aanallo. A good combination for nelluthari kanji.

Pravs said...

Hi Asha : These are frozen ones..nothing like a fresh one.

Hi Seena : what is naalumanichaya ?

Hi Happy cook:Oh that's bad. So i think you should plan your next trip back to kerala during the jackfruit season and enjoy the sweet and unripe ones.

Hi Pooja : Try eating :D

Hi Rajitha : Thanks :D

Hi Prajusha : Oh yes, that will be a good combo.

bindiya said...

looks good, though i havent experimented with jackfruit much ,lovely pic!

Nags said...

my mom makes this during jackfruit season!

Sig said...

The picture looks beautiful Pravs... I'm sure the frozen jackfruit tasted better than the canned version!

Jyothi said...

Really colorful and looks yumm... Nice picture. Hey you are from Austin, even I too. Where r u staying? Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

TBC said...

I make this thoran using canned JF...I have never seen the frozen stuff here. Yours looks very good.

Pravs said...

Hi Bindiya : Thanks, do try this out.

Hi Nags : miss jackfruit season back home..have to do with frozen:(

Hi Sig : Oh yeah, its better than canned.

Hi Jyothi : Thanks. I am in New Orleans..not in Austin.

Hi tbc : I found these here in indian store...came from kerala.

bee said...

oh, yeah!!! i can imagine how good that tasted.

Padma said...

Wow nice photo of JF thoran...looks yummy Pravs and I like the little logo on that curry leaf

Sharmi said...

the thoran looks pretty and glamorous:) I always loved Jackfruit.

Dee said...

Im drooling!!!! All that I ate during my wedding was jackfruit!!

Kribha said...

Beautiful pic as usual. I wanna try this but I don't get raw jackfruit here. Will keep looking for it. Thanks for sharing this nice recipe.

Superchef said...

i am a beeeg fan of this dish!! how on earth did u get hold of a jackfruit now?? its not the season!!

Mishmash ! said...


ee chiriyude udhesham manasilayallo alle :P


bhags said...

The pic looks all mouthwatering...havent eateb jackfruit before

KayKat said...

This looks fabulous. Really wish I could get my hands on some raw jackfruit!

chithra said...

ente favourite chakka puzhukku! kandittu kothi varunnu....