Friday, April 18, 2008

"A Cookie with Arusuvai Surprise Ingredient"

Arusuvai friendship chain has been started in India by Latha N of "The YUM blog" and Latha N says "Arusuvai is about sending along a surprise ingredient as a gift to your friends, for them to prepare something tasty with it, share the recipe, and pass on other surprise ingredients to more people. Arusuvai means six tastes (aru=six, suvai=taste) in Tamizh and is used to refer for Tasty preparation with six tastes - inippu/ thithippu (sweet), orappu/ karam (hot), kassappu (bitter) , pulippu (sour), uppu(salt), tuvarpu (tastes that one gets in raw leaves)".

Now Latha from "Masala Magic" has started Arusuvai friendship chain in USA. I got the opportunity to be a part of this friendship chain, when Richa of "As dear as Salt" passed on this friendship chain to me. Thanks Richa for thinking about me and sending me the surprise ingredient.
With a Sweet note Richa send me, dark chocolates , Soan cakes and the surprise ingredient. When i read the label "Laddu flour" i was confused and asked Richa about it. Richa explained that it is coarsely ground whole wheat flour and it is called laddu flour to differentiate between thousands(!) of kinds of flour that we get..... :)

I was not sure what to make with this surprise ingredient and one day when snacking on a Whole wheat cookie from Haldirams, which i liked a lot, thought why not bake a cookie with similar taste.

So i experimented with this flour and was able to come up with this simple cookie. The flour is not a fine powder, so the texture of the cookie is not smooth.


3/4 cup - Laddu flour
1/4 cup - Cashew nut, powdered
3/4 cup - Sugar
1/2 cup - Melted ghee ( at room temperature)
1/4 tsp - Cardamom powder
Few Almond slivers for decorating


1 ) Add flour, sugar, cashew powder, cardamom powder and melted ghee into a mixing bowl. Combine ingredients to make a tight dough.

2 ) Take a small amount of the cookie dough, shape it to a small ball and then flatten it. Cookie will spread a bit when baking, so space between each dough. Place some almond slivers on top of the cookie and press in lightly.

3 ) Transfer cookie dough to a baking tray. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and bake the cookies for 10 to 15 minutes till the bottom of the cookies turn lightly golden in colour.

4 ) Cookie will be soft to touch when still hot. Let the cookie cool in the tray before transferring it to store.

Enjoy the cookie.

Passing on this Arusuvai friendship chain to Kribha of En Samayal Pakkam. Thanks for playing along Kribha.


Richa said...

wowieeeee! what a fantastic creation, Pravs!
cookies look so good, absolutely mouth watering :) would love to try them soon 'coz the haldiram cookies u mentioned are a fav at my home too ;)
thanks for being a part of this chain!

Purnima said...

WWWWWWWWWWWWoooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! Those cookies look great, Pravs! Am totally amazed at their beauty n simple ingr u put together to obtain these!

madhuram said...

The cookies look very good. I really envy you, how do you create a baking recipe? How do you know that the proportions will come out properly? Great Job.

Pooja said...

cookie from ladoo flour , that sound really too innovative :).
Oh there was no guessing game for ingredients for you ? thats good :D.

Jamie said...

Pravs, these look really nice. The recipe seems really easy to follow. I will have to try it out. Thanks!

Kalai said...

Gorgeous cookies, Pravs!!! So creative and delicious!

Pravs said...

Richa : Thanks Richa for introducing me to a new ingredient, which i have not used till now. It was fun making a cookie out of it.

Purnima : I know you are happy to see a cookie recipe :)

Madhuram : hmmm... what to say ?:) I think as you keep baking, along the way you get an idea what will work. But then it might not be a hit all the time.

Pooja : Yes, richa made it easy for me :)

Jamie : Its easy to make in less time.

Kalai : Thanks :D

Nags said...

what a lovely idea :) cookies look fantastic!

Rachel said...

Perfect round cookies!

Divya Vikram said...

the cookies look gorgeous pravs..ur blog has many interestin recipes

SMN said...

Thats so wonderful luking cookies.. luks as its gonna melt in the mouth

Mallugirl said...

cookie with laddoo flour.. u are good, prav!! hope u are doing better now. does it taste like the "goodday" cashew cookies?

Arundathi said...

Thats amazing!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Ladoo flour is chickpea flour right??? so between the chickpeas and the cashews this is nearly healthfood! Horray for good for the kids cookies!

I will definitley get some ladoo flour on my next trip to the indian grocery and give these a try!

Pravs said...

Nags : Thanks :D

Rachel: Thanks :D

Divya : Thanks :D do try out my recipes.

Smn : Do try, its a nice combination of ingredients.

Mallugirl : Yes, much better :) I have not tasted goodday can't say if the taste is the same. But wheat, cashew makes a nice combo.

Arundathi : Thanks :D

Elizabeth : oh no no.. laddu flour is not chickpea flour ! Even i was confused with the name laddu flour and Richa explained to me it's coarsely ground wheat flour. You will find the laddu flour in indian store.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Nice idea.... looks perfect.... amazing cookies....

Trupti said...

these cookies looks delicious & perfect round

Padmaja said...

Pravs!! cookies look so crunchy and delicious!!

Lubna said...

Wow I love Haldiram's Baked Bites...I would definately try this easy looking cookies soon.
Thanks a bunch Pravs.

Anonymous said...

where do get ladoo flour in India?

Pravs said...

Anon - I am not sure.. sorry.