Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ari + Dates Unda

A mixture of ingredients, Ari meaning rice in Malayalam, dates, peanut, coconut, dry ginger, cardamom and sweetened with jaggery makes this unda, meaning a ball or a laddoo. Very filling snack you can make for having with your evening tea.


1/2 kilo - Red boiled rice (matta)
1/2 kilo - Roasted peanuts or roasted cashewnuts
1/2 kilo - Jaggery
1/2 kilo - Dates, chopped to small pieces
50 grams / 2 big pieces - Dry ginger
10 - Green cardamoms
1 whole - Coconut, grated
A pinch of salt


1 ) First wash rice well and drain. Drain water completely till the grains are completely dry. In a heavy bottom kadai / wok, add rice, dry ginger, cardamom and dry roast on a slow flame. Rice grains will start crackling, turn a light brown color and slightly puffed. Take off the stove and cool.

2 ) Take 2 cups water and heat to make jaggery syrup. Add jaggery and melt completely. Strain to take off any impurities. Keep back on stove add dates and boil well till the dates get mashed a bit.Then add grated coconut, a pinch of salt and boil for a few seconds. Switch off the stove.

3 ) Powder the dry roasted rice, dry ginger, cardamom to fine powder. Then powder roasted peanuts to fine powder. Mix both the powders well and blend in.

4 ) Now add the powders to the prepared jaggery syrup little by little and mix well with a big spoon. Let the mixture cool for a while. While it is still slightly warm, start making round balls taking little mixture at a time.

Serve and have as a evening snack. You can also mash a banana and mix with one ari unda and have.
For storing suggestion - Can be kept for a day outside, then refrigerate.

Ari Unda without dates

1 kilo  Or 4 cups - Matta, red boiled rice
1/2 kilo - Groundnut, roasted
1 kilo - Jaggery, make syrup with 2 cup water
10 to 15 - Green cardamom, powdered
50 gm - Dry ginger
1 whole - Coconut, grated
A big pinch - Salt

Method - The process is as given above. Just do not add dates, or do the steps with dates.


Kalai said...

Pravs, it's so great to see a post from you after so long! Rice balls look delicious. The color is just amazing. I hope everything's going well with you, dear. :)

Anonymous said...

Ho,the delicious undas are nostalgic though we didnt had dates with them.Looks awesome.
Pravs,this is one blog I always refer..your tastes i admire always..Thank you

Pravs said...

Kalai: Thanks kalai :) i am doing well. Took a break for a while.

Ann : i am really flattered Ann. Thanks for the kind words.We make ari unda without dates too.Dates is a good addition.

Seena said...

Hi Pravs, addition of dates seems good, will try next time.. :) how are you?

Anonymous said...

We have a sweet with only the rice, coconut and jaggery but it is equally tasty...

Rahin said...

hey pravs, long time , as always the unda looks perfect

Sig said...

Hey Pravs, so good to see you back! Hope you are doing well.. Looking forward to all those simply spicy recipes :)

Subi said...

Good to see you back in action. The rice balls looks mouth watering

Pravs said...

Seena : I am well.. hope you are doing fine too.

Anonymous : sure, those 3 ingredients are enough to give the taste.

Rahin : Thanks for checking on me :)

Sig : I am doing well..happy to see your comment.

Subi : hey subi ! so happy to see your comment :D

Anonymous said...

unda is very nice!!!!!! and great looking ;)thanks for the receipe.looking for many more unda receipes