Monday, February 08, 2010

Egg Vindaloo

Portuguese influenced Indian cooking and this influence can be seen in the Goan cuisine. Vindaloo style of preparation was introduced by the Portuguese in Goa. The traditional Portuguese dish, vindaloo evolved into a fiery, vinegary curry with the addition of various indian spices that was ground with vinegar to give it a unique taste, that is tangy, spicy and flavorful. This egg vindaloo has got a sweet and sour taste to it.


8 to 10 - Hard boiled eggs, shelled & cut into halves
2 big - Onion, sliced
6 flakes - Garlic, crushed
1'' piece - Ginger, minced
1 medium size - Cinnamon bark
2 tsp - Chili powder
1/4 tsp - Cumin seed powder
2 tsp - Sugar
3 tbsp - Vinegar
2 tsp - Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste


1 ) Heat one tablespoon ghee, in a pan, add cinnamon bark,onion and fry until onion turn light brown in color. Now add garlic, ginger and saute, then add chili powder, cumin powder, fry for a second and then vinegar. Fry the spices well with the onion for five minutes.

2 ) Now its time to add sugar, Worcestershire sauce, salt and one cup of water. When the curry boils add egg and simmer for 10 minutes, closed with a lid. Once done take off the stove and serve after half an hour to let the spices and vinegar settle and balance the flavors. Egg vindaloo can be had on the same day or after 2 to 3 days too.

Note - Boiled potato, cut in quarters can be added along with egg.


Asha said...

Look at that gorgeous color, so yum. Yes, Vinegar gives it a unique taste. Good to eat that for Winter Pravs, good one girl.

rachel said...

Egg Vindaloo looks very fiery and spicy simila to the egg roast!

Subi said...

wow, interesting dish. have to definitely try it. as such B is fed up with my regular egg curry

Happy Cook said...

Wowo just looing to that gravy i am drooling. So so dleicous looking.

Pavani said...

That dish looks absloutely mouth watering. Spicy & tangy.. Yummm

Nivedita said...

It's making me hungry at 12 o' clock in the night!
Thanks for sharing. This is going to cook in my kitchen for tomorrow's lunch.

ruchikacooks said...

Vindaloo looks so nice and yummy. Would be great with rotis.

Mallika said...

Novel idea. Bookmarked to try!

Pravs said...

Asha : Thanks Asha. True,something spicy for the winter :)

Rachel :yes, something like egg roast. Do try :)

Subi : This will be a change for sure :)

Happycook: Thanks :)

Pavani : spicy, tangy and slightly sweet dish. Thanks for the comment :)

Nivedita : Happy to read that :) Please do try and let me know.

Ruchika : Will go with roti, rice..
Thanks for coming by :)

Mallika : Glad you did and do try when you get a chance :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...yummy! I love vindaloo though never tried with eggs. Looks delicious!

Madhavi said...

Oh wow this egg vindaloo looks awesome pravs, simply yummmooooo!!

Iggy said...

this looks so delicious!!! I am definitely going to try it out! :)

5za said...

Hi Pravs, good cooking blog you've got here :)
What alternative do I have for Worcestershire sauce? Would it affect the curry if I were to skip it altogether?
Thanks beforehand for your reply..

Pravs said...

5za : Thanks :) This recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce and it will be best to add it. I have not done without the sauce to say if it will be okay without it.