Sunday, November 05, 2006

Idi Appam


1 cup - Rice flour
1.5 cup - Water
1 tbsp - oil
1 cup - Grated coconut
Salt to taste


1 ) In a pan dry roast the rice flour till light brown in colour. Take off stove and set aside to cool.

2 ) Boil water,salt and oil together.To the boiling water, add rice flour slowly and keep stirring it. Take off the stove and mix the dough very well. Cool for a while and make small balls of the dough.

3 ) To steam idi appam use idli making tray. Grease the idli tray and add a little grated coconut in each mould.Put the dough balls into the idiappam presser and press into the moulds.

4 ) Steam for 5 minutes . Serve with thick coconut milk which is sweetened with sugar or with vegetable stew or kurma or else with Egg masala curry
Idi appam is a popular kerala breakfast. It's great to have for a brunch, on a sunday and enjoy with family.


Noushad said...

Idiappam is one of the most tastiest food for breakfast.

If i see idiappam on morning, i forget everything.............

Noushad said...

I think u r "Genius in Cooking".

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Great recipes here!!!
Are you using store bought rice flour in the US or did you get from India. Mine always comes out dry with store bought Rice flour.
Please Help!!! I love idiyappam.

Pravs said...

hi Subha : Nothing like freshly powdered rice flour.In indian store, rice flour meant for idiappam, a kerala product is available, which is relatively better. Otherwise you can make at home.Wash and soak raw rice(Pachari) for few hours.Drain very well and dry completely.Grind to a fine powder,then dry roast the powder lightly.
Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon from the UK.

Can someone please tell where I can buy an idiappam presser? We have a wood and brass hand press at the moment which seems to be getting harder and harder to use (or maybe it's because I am getting older and older). I have seen pictures of a metal version that uses a screw mechanism.

I have searched the web for an online retailer but have got nowhere so far!



Pravs said...

Hi Anonymous : I am in USA and not sure of UK based online grocers.
Here is one link to online grocer
Other option, obviously is to get one when you go to India :) I am sorry, i am not able to help much here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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