Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chana Fry

Chana also know as garbanzo beans, chickpeas is full of health benefits. You can read the health benefits of this legume here.

Now this is a simple and mildly spiced chana fry. This can be a very good snack or as a side dish.


2 cups - Cooked chana or 1 tin of cooked Garbanzo beans


1 tsp - Mustard seeds
1 sprig - Curry leaves
1/4 tsp - Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp - Black pepper powder ( add more if you like it spicy and like peppery flavour )
1/4 cup - Freshly grated coconut
Salt to taste


1 ) When using dry chana, soak chana overnight and pressure cook in 3-4 whistles . When using cooked & canned chana, drain all the water and wash well. Set aside.

2 ) Heat oil in a kadai or wok. Add mustard, then curry leaves, turmeric powder and black pepper powder. Fry for minute on low heat.

3 ) Add the cooked chana to the spices, stir and fry on low heat. Add grated coconut, stir and mix. Take off the stove and serve.

This same recipe is followed in making :
kadala (malayalam), kala chana ( Hindi )

In picture : Kadala / kala chana


Richa said...

chana fry looks too tempting. I guess the pepper pwd gives it a nice hot flavor. is that fresh grated coconut? looks so good, i use the frozen kind.

Asha said...

I love this too.I think it's called Sundal in telugu.I prefer the brown chana,it's so tasty.Thanks for this recipe:)

Pravs said...

Richa : yes, it's freshly grated coconut. Fresh is always the best :D

Asha : Usually i used to make with brown chana. Today i tried with kabuli and it is equally good.
Do you make sundal in the same way ?

Sig said...

Looks great, I love the black chana with fresh grated coconut combination, we used to have it as a snack sometime...Never tried the white chana with coconut...

Nirmal said...

We'll be trying out your Kerala style fish curry this weekend. I have told my friends to visit this blog for the details about preparation.

Sia's Corner said...

like everyone i too like brown channa with coconut. but kabooli channa tastes equally good. its my dad's fav snack with a cup of tea:)

Kribha said...

This is my hubby's favorite dish . we call it as 'sundal' in tamil. pepper is an intresting variation. will try it next time

Pravs said...

Hi Sig : Try with kabuli too..the nutty taste of kabuli is just great.

Nirmal : Which recipe are you going to follow ? Do let me know how it came out.

Hi Sia : right it makes a great snack.So filling too.

Hi Kribha : How do you make it ? Will you post the way you make ? Is sundal prepared with same ingredients ?

dhanya said...

Hey Pravs, I love this recipe...You even get these in temples as prasadam. Good to make as snack even. Thanx for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

we used to make it with the black one, thanks for this recipe,will try it soon, it looks tempting :D :D!!

KitchenFairy said...

Simple Recipe.Looks so delicious.

Shibu said...

I am the author of the blog It is nice to see there in my blog.


Sharmi said...

hey Pravs, we make this during festivals and ganesh chaturtis. it tastes great!!


Amritha said...

Tried out chana fry today. It came out well & tasty too...just enough spicy with no garam masala(my husband doesnt like too much masala).

i am new to cooking..just 2 months..newly married..& ur blog is superb..thanks for helping me a lot. Also tried out potato Kurma,peanut masala & microwave cilanro chutney... all yummy and so easy to make.Looking fwd to new recipes daily.Your Photographs are just wonderful .

Pravs said...

Amritha : Thanks a lot for this feedback :) You made my day...always wonder if my recipes are liked by readers.
This chana fry must have been perfect for your husband..with not much masala in this recipe. Happy to know i am able to help you. Do try other recipes that appeal to you, and let me know how it came out.

Anonymous said...

What's black pepper powder?

Connie @ BhimiBlog said...

My Hyderabadi husband of 6yrs makes this for himself about once a month, as it's one of his favorite snacks from home! He's told me about black chickpeas, but I never believed him! Haha! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to surprise him and make this for him someday!

Anonymous said...
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