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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Mango Malai Kalakand

It's summer's and king of fruits, Mango is our favorite to gorge on. Here is a delectable milk based indian sweet  kalakand that is infused with mango pulp and made into a delicious Sweet. It's just 3 ingredients that makes this sweet.


2 cups - Mango pulp
2 cups - Freshly made crumbled Paneer
1 can -  400 g Condensed milk (Used AMUL mithai mate )


4 cardamoms pods - Powdered

Few- Almonds (blanched and chopped finely

Few - Pistachio, chopped

Note - 1 cup =240 ml


1) To a big kadai, add mango pulp and cook on low flame till it thickens a bit.

2)  Add condensed milk to the mango pulp and keep stirring, till it mixes well and thickens a bit.

3 ) Add finely crumbled paneer. you can crumble it to a fine texture by grinding in mixie for a few seconds.

4 ) Mix well and continue cooking on low to medium flame till it reaches a thick consistency. Sprinkle cardamom powder and mix in well.

5 ) Meanwhile grease a plate  with ghee, to spread the kalakand. Once done, evenly spread the kalakand  on the greased plate. Garnish with Almonds and pistachio.  Leave to cool for a while. Then cut to desired shape and serve.

To make Fresh paneer for this recipe

1liter full cream milk
2 -3 tbs - White vinegar


1) Bring milk to a boil. Simmer and add vinegar, This will curdle the milk and whey will separate. Stir continuously. Take off the stove.

2 ) Pour the contents to a cheese cloth placed on a sieve. Squeeze & drain out all the whey.

3) Wash the panner well with water. You can run water into the drained paneer in the cheesecloth. This will remove vinegar taste.

4 ) Squeeze & drain all the water very well. Freshly homemade paneer is ready to use .

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