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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Gajar Ka Halwa - Microwave Cooking

Gajar ka Halwa, ie the Carrot Halwa,is a carrot based sweet dish. A combination of milk,nuts,sugar, ghee and flavoured with cardamom powder, gives it a divine taste. I have made this halwa in microwave, which makes cooking the halwa fast and easy.The red Carrots that you get in winters are the best for this halwa.


 1 - kilo, Red carrot (grated ) 
200 gm - Milkmaid 
1/2 cup - Full fat Milk 
4 tsp - Additional sugar as per taste 
2 tbsp - Ghee 
1/4 cup - Cashew, sliced
1/4 cup - Almonds (blanched & sliced ) 
4 pods - Cardamom, powdered 

 1 ) Peel the carrots and grate them in blender /mixie by pulsing it. Place the grated carrot in a microwave safe glass bowl.

 2 ) Pour the milkmaid and milk into the bowl of grated carrots. Stir and combine the ingredients. 

 3 ) Place the bowl in microwave and start cooking for 5 minutes in microwave timing.Do a taste test to check the sweetness. If necessary add sugar as per your taste. Add the sliced nuts. Continue microwave cooking for 10 minutees. In between stop and give a good stir.

 4 ) Once the liquids have reduced, add ghee and stir well. Continue cooking till the liquids have reduced and its dry enough as you need as halwa. Add the powdered cardamom powder and stir in. 

 5 ) Take out of the microwave once done and cool. Serve warm or cold. Garnish with additional nuts on top.

 Other ways to serve -

 1 ) Can serve warm carrot halwa alongside vanilla ice cream. 

 2 ) Serve with sliced Rasagulla. I have served with rasagulla in the display photo.  

Reduce the sweetness of carrot halwa if serving with ice cream or rasagulla. Enjoy this sweet dessert !