Lentils(dal/Legumes/Pulses )

Black Gram (Pulses)

Indian Names

Hindi - Urad dal
Malayalam -Uzhunnu
Tamil - Ulathamparuppu
Kannada - Uddina Bele

Yellow Split Lentil (Pulses)

Indian Names

Hindi - Arhar/ Tur
Malayalam - Thuvarapparup
Tamil -Thuvaram Paruppu

Kannada - Thugare Bele

Red Lentil (Pulses)

Indian Names

Hindi - Masoor dal
Malayalam - Parippu
Tamil - Mysoor paruppu

Whole green gram dal (Pulses)

Indian Names

Hindi - Moong dal
Malayalam - Cherupayar
Tamil - Pachai Paruppu

Kannada - Hesare Kalu

Bengal Gram (Pulses )

Indian names

Hindi - Channa dal
Malayalam - Kadala Parippu
Tamil - Kadalai Paruppu
Kannada - Kadale

Split Green Gram Dal

Indian names

Hindi - Mung dal
Malayalam - Cheru payar parippu
Tamil - Payatham parruppu
Kannada - Hesara bele


jeena said…
Mmmm your recipes look delicous!
you have Great blog from Jeena :)

visit jeena's kitchen healthy recipe blog
Yoda said…
Jeena, lovely blog.

I'd like to know if Rye is available in India and what it's called in Hindi?

Please let me know.
Anonymous said…
Moong dal -
In Tamil - payattham paruppu / paasi paruppu
Whole Moong -
in Kannada - hesaru kaalu
in Tamil - muzhu payaru

R. Malathi Gopalan
Anonymous said…
Quite good
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