Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peanut Chikki

Kadala mithai as peanut chikki is known in malayalam, is a favorite sweet treat in our house. It's a simple recipe to follow.

1 cup - Roasted peanuts
1 cup - Jaggery
Little ghee


1 ) Dissolve jaggery in little water, filter to remove any impurities.

2 ) Boil jaggery on medium heat, till jaggery thickens a bit. To check if the jaggery syrup is cooked enough to add peanuts; just drop some syrup drops in cold water. Take the drops, to test if it forms like a ball. If it is like a string, it needs to be cooked a bit more, till it forms like a ball.

3 ) Once the syrup is ready, add a little ghee to the syrup and also the roasted peanuts. Stir and mix for a minute. Keep ready a plate, that is greased with ghee. Transfer the peanuts to the plate and spread.

4 ) Cool for a while. Then you can apply a little ghee in your hands and make small balls of this peanut chikki. Otherwise you can cut into squares and break it up when cool.

Crunch on some chikki's and enjoy the flavour and taste of peanuts and jaggery.


Kribha said...

This is my mom's THE most favorite sweet. Your picture is so good. Could you pass some to me? The step by step pictures explaining the cooking of sugar syrup is very useful.Thanks for sharing this.

Asha said...

Every Indian child's dream candy!!:))

You are really good at making sweets Pravs.Indian sweets are pretty hard to make if you ask me.Looks so good,wish I could grab some:)

Sia's Corner said...

i love it...i love it n i just love it.... ah... my childhood and chikkis... i have some tucked in kitchen...gonna have it right now;)

Prema Sundar said...

This is my childhood favourite candy. Have never tried this at home. ur step by step pics would surely help me. thanks

Richa said...

hey pravs, love that chikki! you made it so well. the peanut and jaggery combination is so tasty!!
I also like the sesame & jaggery chikki do u make that?

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Pravs, you are tempting me now--no sweets at home and I am seeing this at the wrong time...I always shop chikkies at the grocery store, but these are little expensive...I guess I should start making at home:)

Pravs said...

Hi Kribha: Thanks. I have used jaggery for this recipe.

Hi Asha: Thanks.So kind of you to say so.For this sweet,if you follow the steps,it turned out quiet easy.

Hi Sia : Sorry for tempting you so...good you had some chikkis tucked away in your kitchen

Hi Prema : yep, just follow the steps.. you will get it right.

Hi Richa : To make sesame is the same way peanut chikki is made.

Hi Priya : Just give this recipe a try.

Paddukoti said...

I love chikkis but i never tried making at home as once it was such a disaster that i had throw the saucepan along with jaggery mix as it turned out that hard u know!!
My husband still laughs whenever i take the jaggery out!!
u made it look so simple but to stop at the right consistency is diff right?

Pravs said...

Hi Paddukoti : Yes, the consistency of the syrup should be just right.When you drop the syrup in cold water,in the beginning stages,it will just dissolve,then it will form like a ball,but when you take in your hand,it will be like string.Cooking little more & testing aagin,it will form like a ball when taken in hand and the ball will be soft. Thats when you stop and add peanuts.
I hope this will help you to be brave once again and try making peanut chikki's. :D

Sharmi said...

Thanks a lot for this recipe Pravs!!the step by step pics made it real easy for me. will bookmark this. nice yummy pics!!

Sig said...

kadala midhai .. yummy... I've never made this at home, actually I havent even had it in a while, now reading your post I get serious cravings.

Pravs said...

Thanks sharmi & sig. The taste of homemade ones are far better than the ones you get in store.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Ur Chikki looks YUMMY.......I love it very much...........

sunita said...

Wow, just look at what we've got here...I adore this sweet...You're really tempting me now...guess I'll have to make some...

KitchenFairy said...

Kappalandi mittayiiiiiiiii..I love that .Presentation is really useful dear.I will try this..

Anonymous said...

Yum!....I'm drooling right now:) This is my favorite and guess what, I've been craving for it for past few days. Will definitely try it out and let u know. Thanks Pravs.


Nirmal said...

This is one of my favorite dishes. I dont prepare at home, I buy it. :-)
Next time I'll definitely try out