Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kanji for the Soul

This rice porridge is so nourishing, wholesome, fulfilling and very much a comfort food. Rosematta rice is used to cook this kanji along with green gram dal and chana dal. Ghee and coconut enhances the flavour and make this kanji so very tasty and delicious.

Mallugirl of Malabar spices is hosting a Summer express cooking event. Sending this dish for this event. This kanji is simple to make and can be prepared within 30 minutes.


1/2 cup - Rosematta rice
1/4 cup- green gram dal
1/4 cup - Chana dal
8 cups - Water
2 tbsp - Ghee
1/2 cup - Freshly Grated coconut
Salt to taste


1 ) Add rice, green gram dal and chana dal into a pressure cooker. Add water, close the lid and bring the pressure cooker to a full cooking pressure. After the first whistle, simmer and cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Take off the stove and cool.

2 ) Open the pressure cooker,add salt to taste, ghee and coconut. Stir in well and serve. The rice and dals should be well cooked, almost like it is over cooked.

Serve hot with pappad.

Check out Kanji & Payar recipe from kitchenmishmash


Sig said...

wow, first shn, now u... comfort food.. I've had this a looooong time ago, with the green gram dal in the kanji, I even forgot the taste already :(

Rajitha said...

looks delicious.. i am sure it would be yummy

bhags said...

I have never tasted anything like this...u posting this gives a reason for me to make it

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi, nice entry! simple and healthy!

Mallugirl said...

heh heh! kanji is good for the soul!

Richa said...

wow! Simply Spicy err Lovely :)
i so want to make it, but do not hv the rosematta rice. will any other substitution be too far fetched?

Asha said...

Rice and dal must be tasting good and so healthy too.Never made Kanji before, looks delicious:)

Pravs said...

Hi Sig : Give this recipe a try. You will remember the taste again :D

Hi Rajitha : It is yummy...add more ghee ...you will love the taste :)

Hi Bhags : Do try...a whole meal in one pot :)

Hi Latha : Yes, simple healthy and tasty :)

Hi Mallugirl : Hey, what ?? you don't agree with me, huh ? Hehehe..

Hi Richa : Good to know you want to try :) Rosematta is the best for this...other than rosematta, maybe you can try par-boiled rice. The cooking time for rosematta and dals are similar, so once cooked rice and dal looks proportionatly cooked.

Hi Asha : Thanks..yes it's a nice combination. Give it a try...add more ghee and coconut..yum ! :D

bee said...

it's nice to see forgotten recipes like this one. what's not to like about kanji with payar? adding chana dal is a great idea. sometimes, i add a teaspoons of masala from the mango pickle bottle while cooking for a new flavour dimention.

Mandira said...

wow, the kanji looks absolutely delicious. thanks for sharing

Kribha said...

what a nice comforting dish. Absolutely love it. If I get rosematta rice I'll try it.

Mishmash ! said...

Hahha...U too!!!! :)))
Hey...adding chana dhal is something new to me...i have heard of preps with rice and green grams together....but never ventured to do it:P and one doubt, is it something like kichdi, except for the liquidy part?


Sukanya Ramkumar said...

WOW.....Mouthwatering recipe....I am hungry.....Excellent pictures...

Happy cook said...

Kanji........... oh i am getting homesick. Have not had this in ages. And i do agree Kanji is good for ypu soul and not to mention you stomach :-)))

neroli said...

I had a kanji for the first time this summer in Chinatown in New York City and loved it.
This one that you've presented us is a must-try!

Jennifer said...

Hi!! Great one! Thanks. I had made it just now, and ate it with tender mango pickle and appalam!! YUM!

Pravs said...

Jennifer : So glad you loved this rice porridge And thanks for the feedback :)