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Monday, September 10, 2007

Blackberry Jam

While in Seattle i went berry picking from the bushes around and got these beauties. They were growing wild on these thorny bushes near by a lake. When selecting the berries, pick fully ripe ones which is fully black in color, firm and plum. Blackberries are packed with antioxidants and have a lot of health benefits.
This blackberry jam is prepared without using the commercially available pectin. A good friend of mine, found a way to make this jam, making use of the natural pectin found in apple and lemon. And here goes the recipe for that .....


1 cup - Mashed berries
1/2 of an apple, finely grated
1 tbsp - Lemon juice
1/2 to 3/4 cup - Sugar


1 ) To a saucepan add all the ingredients listed. On a medium high heat, stir and cook for 1o minutes. As seen in the picture below, the ingredients will cook up and a foaming layer comes up.

Now lower the heat to medium and continue cooking for 20 minutes.

All the water will start evaporating by 15 -20 minutes of cooking. Cook till thick bubbles start forming. As seen in the second picture. The jam will thicken up and will be semi-liquid. Turn off the stove.

2 ) After the jam cools down a bit and when still warm pour the jam into sterilized glass jars. In the glass jar the jam will settle down and thicken up even more, when it has completely cooled down.

3 ) Store in the refrigerator after completely cooling down.

Spread some on your bread or on your roti and taste this jam.

Note : If you do not like the seeds of the blackberry in the jam, you can strain it using a Foley food mill.

Fruit and Berries is the theme for the event "Heart of the matter" organised by Joanna and Ilva . This is my entry for this event
HotM # 7. Check out Heart of the matter for heart healthy food.


Prajusha said...

jam looks yummy yummy.

Mishmash ! said...

hey those look so beautiful, isn't it? real black gems!!!Btw, you can send me a batch of that:P


Sig said...

Looks beautiful Pravs.... Where did you pick these from?

Seena said...

have you taken the photoes of berry bushes near the lake? love to see them..nalla jam..yum yum

amna said...

yummyy! the berries look so succulent.. how do they taste just like that? sweet?

Rajitha said...

that jam looks delicious..tho i would have eaten the whole fruit as i was picking them...with a secret stash of salt ;)

Sia said...

yum yum...i just had my share of rasberry jam for bf:)

Asha said...

I love the color of that Jam,really great on toast!:))

Mrs. K said...

Nothing can beat a home made jam, right? I always make strawberry jam at home. Adding apple sounds like a cool idea. Have you tried blueberries or raspberries the same way?

TBC said...

Love your first pic & the jam looks very good.
You could probably send it for this event.(I did not read all the rules)

Kribha said...

You went berry picking? wow, I wish to do that sometime. Your jam looks so yummy. Nice pictures.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Lovely colour pravs! Those berrys are so cute!

Pravs said...

Hi Prajusha : It is a nice jam to try.

Hi Mishmash : One batch is on the way :D

Hi Sig : Near to UW, there is a small park near to the lake. I think it is lake union. you can watch people kayaking, ducks in the lake, there is a small mexican resturants next to the park, with great cocktails :D

Hi Seena : No i didn't take pictures of the berry bushes. The bushes are not all that great looking. It's like a wild plant.

Hi Nags : The berries are slightly sweet when fully ripe.

Hi Rajitha : oh that is good :D

Hi Sia : Why not make this jam and have for breakfast :)

Hi Asha: yes it is great on toast.

Hi Rp: You are right. Nothing can beat the taste of a home made jam.
I have not tired yet..will try soon.

Hi tbc : Thanks. I will check the blog and send this as an entry.

Hi Kribha : Yes i did. In seattle you find these blackberry bushes.

Hi Latha : Thanks :D

Ilva said...

OK! I have added you to my list for the roundup! Thanks a lot for this delicious entry!

Sharmi said...

that looks yummy and easy. great job!

Simona Carini said...

Blackberry jam has always been my favorite. Nice photos!

JSR41395 said...

i really wanna make this but im confused because where it say the water will evaporate do you mean water or the lemon juice?

Pravs said...

JSR41395 : What i meant was the entire content / ingredients will get cooked and start thickening up. Don't get confused..by thinking of water or lemon juice. Do try..its very simple and easy to make.

Jen said...

Hi! I am just wondering how long the jam lasts! How long will it keep for in the fridge? A week? A month? Thanks!

Pravs said...

Jen : hi, it can last for a month. sterilize the bottle well, in which you preserve it and refrigerate.