Thursday, November 01, 2007

Potato Mushroom Masala Curry

Potato and mushroom cooked in a varutharacha (ingredients dry roasted and ground to paste) gravy.


1 big - Potato, cut to small cubes
8 oz - Mushroom
2 - Green chili, slit in center
1'' piece - Ginger, grated
1 big - Tomato, cut to small piece
1 tbsp - Poppy seed / khus-khus

Dry roast & grind to paste

2 tbsp - Coriander powder
1/2 tsp - Red chili powder
1/2 tsp - Turmeric powder
1 small piece - Cinnamon stick
3 - Cloves
1 small - Shallot, chopped
1/2 cup - Grated coconut


1 tsp - Mustard seeds
2 sprig - Curry leaves
2 big - Shallots, diced


1 ) Boil potato in enough water with ginger, green chili, tomato and salt to taste. When potato is partially cooked add mushroom and cook till potato and mushroom are well cooked. Soak poppy seeds in water for 30 minutes.

2 ) In a pan dry roast, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder, clove, cinnamon, fennel seeds, till the aroma of the spices comes out. Add coconut, shallots and dry roast till coconut is browned lightly. Cool and transfer the ingredients to a blender and dry grind. Then add poppy seeds, little water and grind to a smooth paste.

3 ) Add ground masala to cooked potato and mushroom. Add little water to make a thick gravy. Bring to a boil. Adjust salt to taste.

4 ) In a pan heat oil and pop mustard seeds. Then add curry leaves and shallots. Lightly fry the shallots till lightly browned. Pour this seasoning on the gravy. Turn off the stove and serve.

Serve with Chapati /roti.

To make Potato-Beetroot masala curry

Follow the same recipe as above. Instead of mushroom add one beetroot. Also make with just potato for potato masala curry.



Hey,this is a very good idea to combine mushroom and potato...great combination...thanx for sharing the Idea..!!

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Hi Pravs....the bowl of curry looks heavenly......Will go great with rotis......Thanks for the recipe :-)

Asha said...

Delicious!! I love to have it with thick Parathas. Thanks for the recipe Pravs!:))

Swaroopa said...

wow nvr heard of potato mushroom combination. looks gr8. will try some time.

Rina said...

That bowl looks so yummy. Thx for the recipe.

sunita said...

Pravs, going by the ingredients, that must have tasted heavenly.

Laavanya said...

That sounds like an aromatic, flavourful curry.

Kajal said...

Simple but delicious dish…with ginger and Tomato taste like heaven. I always love the dry curry with dalfry and rice.

Pravs said...

Raks : Yes, mushroom adds a good taste to this curry. Do try raks.

Sirisha: Thanks :) it's good with roti.

Asha : You are welcome :)

Swaroopa: Do try and let me know :)

Rina : Thanks :)

Sunita : More of a meat masala ingredients..which goes well for potato and mushroom.

Laavanya : All the aroma of the spices are there. do try.

Kajal: So then you have to try this curry :)

Suganya said...

Pravs, I love the masala ingredients. Sambar masala meets garam masala. Should work for most of the veggies.

VegeYum said...

Oh it has made me feel sooooo hungry.

Padmaja said...

thats one amazing recipe!!!
looks amazing!!!

Seema said...

Oh Lovely looking dish Pravs. I love the way you sliced the potatoes for the dish. Makes the dish look gorgeous. Have bookmarked it.
Happy Weekend!!!

Kribha said...

Too bad I cooked mushrooms just yesterday. will have to wait for some more time. Nice recipe. Looks delicious.

Dhivya Karthik said...

wow thats a good on my try list :)

KayKat said...

Mmmm ... mushrooms! *so* good! Potatoes and mushrooms truly bring out the best in each other.

Rachel said...

never ever thought of combining potatoes with mushrooms..looks scrumptious!!

Purnima said...

Pravs..lovely recipe! Should try it out someday! Hey chk my blog at your leisure cake post. Chalo signing off..tabla stage has reached ;)

zlamushka said...

Funny, I was making potato Curry tonight too :-) Apropo Spoonful of Christmas, of course you can make jam. Jam is always a wonderful gift to give :-)