Saturday, December 01, 2007

Parsley Paratha

The highly nutritious parsley is used more for garnishing, decorating and in smaller quantity in most of the dishes. Having checked the goodness of consuming parsley, parsley paratha is a good idea to consume parsley for all its health benefits. This is a non-stuffing type of paratha.


2 cups - Whole wheat flour
1/2 bunch - Parsley leaves, chopped
2 - Green chili, finely chopped
1/2 inch piece - Ginger, grated
3 flakes - Garlic, grated (optional )
1/2 tsp - Roasted Jeera, crushed mildly
1 or 2 tsp - Oil
1/2 tsp - Salt
Water to knead


1 ) In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients with wheat flour and knead with enough water to make a chapati dough. Rest the dough for 15 to 20 minutes. Cover with wet towel, so that dough doesn't dry out. Then again knead the dough to get a soft workable dough.

2 ) Make small balls of the dough. Take one dough ball and roll out a thin paratha with a rolling pin.

3 ) Heat a tawa or a non-stick pan, on medium heat and place the paratha in it. Smear some oil on top and around the paratha. Flip and cook evenly on both sides, till it's golden brown in colour on both sides.

Serve with sabzi and yogurt.

Make palak/spinach paratha by following the same recipe. Just replace parsley with spinach. Also make methi/fenugreek paratha with methi leaves, by replacing parsley and following same recipe.


Mishmash ! said...

Ohh nooooo !! why didnt you post this earlier in summer..? now all my parsley plants are dead and gone and you re comin up with this recipe!! :(

ushaprashanth said...

Parsley paratha is an innovative recipe!!! Given variations are very usefull!! looks good!

curryinkadai said...

Simply superb

sagari said...

parathas look soo yummyyyyy using parsley is very new

Red Chillies said...

Very creative way to use parsley. How do you manage to get such perfect rounds for your parathas. I tend to make maps of so many countries :-(

Pravs said...

Mishmash : oops :) just plant some more.Don't these grow very fast ?

Ushaprashanth & Curryinkadai: Thanks :)

Sagari : try.

Redchillies: I use a round lid to cut perfect round :)

KayKat said...

I'm hitting the market for some parsley tomorrow! :)

Purnima said...

Hi there Pravs..a paratha to perfection! Parsley concept! They look truly yummy! I add a bit of ajwain to any type of paratha's (today had onion parathas with moong daal)yours has a lovely golden colour too!

Lissie said...

unique recipe! using garlic and parsely are new to me. really healthy!

Happy cook said...

Parsleu parathas that has to be good. Lot of iron

Seema said...

Hmm... Never thought of Parsley Parathas! You r good man.. perfect looking parathas.. all same size, shape, colour...Great!! Looks mouthwatering:-)

sunita said...

Pravs, I'm just drooling at your parathas...they look perfect :-)

Siri said...

Yeyeyeyey! now I know how to get rid of loads of parsley rotting in my fridge! Thanks dear.. and a very nice idea! too good!

~ Siri


Parsley parathas looks delicious and liked your idea of cutting with a round lid!!!

Seena said...

as usual, picture is sooo tempting, want to prepare it, but not a good condition to do..:(
Now I eat frozen parathas..:)

Nags said...

wow! and who ate all these parathas :)

Shella said...

Parsley is very new in parathas. They look really tempting

Kribha said...

Looks so delicious and unique. Very nice. The picture looks mouthwatering.