Monday, December 10, 2007

Roti with Corn Flour

Roti made with makki / corn / maize flour is quite popular in Punjab. Makki ki roti and Sarson Ka Saag go together. Very healthy and a hearty meal. Visiting my friend who hails from punjab, i got to see a roti prepared using corn flour and left over vegetable sabzi. Mixing with sabzi or any other cooked vegetable will make this roti very soft. Any vegetable sabzi will work for this. If not sabzi, then you could make the dough with boiled potato or paneer or tofu. Now after kneading the dough, it will need a bit of skill to make perfect round roti. Some experts tap with both their palms and roll out the dough. Plastic sheets /wraps has been used to help roll the dough.
For this recipe i am not going to give any specific measurements, since you can just roughly mix the corn flour, left over sabzi and make a firm dough. I hope the detailed and step by step picture will do the talking and help my reader understand.


Corn flour ( white Instant corn masa flour has been used here )
Any left over sabzi or potato or tofu or paneer


1 ) Into a big thali or plate, add corn flour.

2 ) Add left over sabzi.

3 ) Mix the flour and sabzi. Knead well and make a stiff dough.

4 ) Make big dough balls. Place one sheet of plastic sheet on the rolling area. Place a dough ball, then place another plastic sheet on top of the dough.

5 ) With a rolling pin, roll out the roti. Roti will be thicker than the usual roti.Take off the top plastic sheet, then with the help of bottom plastic sheet, lift the bottom plastic sheet slowly and invert the roti to your palm.

6 ) Heat a tawa. Place the roti in the hot tawa and cook on both sides by flipping to both sides. Smear some ghee and cook.

Serve hot. This roti will not be good cold. So roll out the roti and cook when you want to have it. Rest of the dough can be stored in the fridge. This roti is good to eat by itself.


Kribha said...

I've never made this roti before nor tasted it. Just recently I saw it in another blog too. Looks very healthy and delicious. Nice idea to use the leftover subzi too. Thanks for sharing it.

Purnima said... recipe! use the leftover subzi and also make it more nutritious! BTW--I was missing that "Simply Spicy" neat words on the ingr or utensils, when i saw it on the kneading patram..i was thrilled...also the stepwise photos are a real real help while actually making these! Tks for posting!

Nags said...

wow! this is one innovative idea. i have to try it soon!

Seena said...

So tempting rotis..
I have a Punjabi neighbour, am still waiting for her to invite me there, but seems, it won't happen..:)

Mishmash ! said...

I havent used corn flour for rotis till now....but i make parathas similarly, wherein aloo sabzi is mixed with wheat flour and my friend calls it aloo parathas...another tasty version of the good ole aloo parathas :)


Mandira said...

this looks delish!

Kalai said...

What a great use for leftovers! Thanks. Will definitely try this one...!

Seema said...

Hey! something new.. Never tried roti like this before! neat idea & healthy & nice way to clear out left over Sabjis :-)

remya said...

creative roti...clever to use leftover veggies...will try this..

sagari said...

thats a new recipe using curry very nicee

Pravs said...

Kribha:Taste wise it is good.Do try to know the taste.

Purnima : Isn't this neat way to get rid of left over :) Do try.

Nags :You only need to make the roti, this way :)

Seena : Thanks. May be you could tempt her with some nadan food to get the invite :)

Mishmash : Yeah wheat flour will also work..but then you should try with corn flour.It's got a nice taste to it.

Mandira : Thank you.

Kalai : Okay..and do let me know how it turns out.

Seema : Yes, makes a tasty roti.

Remya : thank you :)

Sagari : thanks :D

bindiya said...

Any use if leftover sabzi is always welcome, these look good!

Swaroopa said...

looks gr8!! very healthy treat too....

Dunia Berkarya said...

nice info, greeting from Indonesian bloggers