Friday, January 04, 2008


Let me start this new year, with best wishes to everyone and with a sweet snack recipe for Unniyappam. Unniyappam is also know as Kuzhiyappam or Kaarappam in different parts of kerala. When you have over ripe banana's, this snack is an easy way to use up those banana's.


500 grams - Rice flour, lightly roasted
200 grams - Small banana, mashed
500 grams - Jaggery, more or less as to taste
1 cup - Milk ( optional )
1/2 cup - Coconut bits /thenga kothu
10 to 12 - Cardamom, powdered
2 tbsp - Ghee
A pinch of salt
Oil to fry


1 ) In the above picture is the ingredients for making unniyappam.

2 ) Melt jaggery with little water and make a thick syrup out of it. Strain to take out any impurities. Cool the syrup.
3 ) To a mixing bowl, add rice flour, mashed banana, cardamom powder, salt, coconut bits, ghee, jaggery syrup and mix well to form a thick batter, which is like a idli batter consistency. Let the batter sit for an hour. In the meantime if the batter has thicken up or is too tight, add milk to make it again to a idli batter consistency.

4 ) Heat a unniyappam pan, like the one above in the picture. Pour oil in each impressions like in picture. Let the oil heat up, then pour the batter into each impression.

5 ) On low medium heat fry the unniyappams uncovered, till the bottom turns golden in color.

6 ) With the help of a fork turn the unniyappam to cook on the other side to a golden color. Take out of the oil and drain on a paper towel.
Serve with tea.

For variation -
1 ) Use wheat flour instead of rice flour. It's equally tasty with wheat flour.
2 ) Dates and raisins can be used instead of banana for a different taste. Grind to a paste dates and raisins. Add jaggery as to taste.
3 ) Over ripe plantains can be used. Steam, mash plantain and use to make unniyappam.


Padma said...

Hi Pravs,
Nice looking Unniappams, they are my favorites. From where did u get that U-appam pan?

Asha said...

Beautiful color, must taste delicious Pravs. I have Appam pan too, but it has only few depressions and not very deep either.I like your's.
Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!:)

Pravs said...

Padma :Pan is from india.

Asha : These are tasty. It's okay if the impressions are not very deep. You still get the round shape. Have a great weekend !

easycrafts said...

I would love to try this out..but i dont have the pan..

Shella said...

Dont do this to me please Pravs. I really am looonging to eat unniappams, n my mom doesnt have d mould, n nor do I. It really makes me sad, n the market ones are really not worth it. Send me a batch na please. Happy New Year.

Purnima said...

Pravs..great post for new year! They truly look heavenly! Amuamma make the yummiest unni-appams! Best regards!Hv a gr8 wkend!

Sagari said...

color looks beautifull pravs

KayKat said...

*so* good! I almost never fry anything, so I've been working on a baked version of Kuzhiappam - am pretty close to getting it right :)

Shankari said...

U r making me want it now!

Seena said...

God, my fav.!
I will eat this the whole day..:D
Your pan looks new, I don't have one.

Pravs said...

Easycraft : you can make,even if you don't have the pan,by pouring little batter at a time into hot oil. Only thing is you will not get the round shape.

Shella : I know, everyone is fond of unniyappam.Try making even if you don't have the pan. Happy new year to you too shella.

Purnima : Thanks :) you too have good one.

Sagari :Thanks :)

Kaykat : I am with you if i can avoid frying and yet get a yummy unniyappam. Hope to see your technique to make a oil less one.

Shankari : I won't blame you.Do try it sometime.

Seena : if you like them you should get the pan right away :)

Nags said...

ohh. i love these! my aunt makes the most yummiest uniyappams, in a jiffy! i am yet to try them!

Happy cook said...

Happy New year.
Did you hear that. That is me howling in pure greediness seeing the unniyappam.
Looks so delicious.
I am going to buy a unniappom chatty when i am in India this jully.
Seein the pic i think your is non stick. Would you give me the name of it

Sorina said...

That dish looks wonderful! I love your pictures…

Seema said...

Hi Pravs! Nice one.. you got a great colour on those Unniappams!

Anonymous said...

hello pravs! Wish you a very happy new year.

Kalakki! Unniappams look delicious. I wanna make some right way but madichi ya, so Can you fedex me some? :)

My appam pan has small kuzhis too...I love bigger appams... have to get a bigger one during my next visit.


Sweetiepie said...

I would try this out but my appam pan is abit different from yours.I wonder I can use it for this recipe.:)

Pravs said...

RG: Thanks :)

Sweetiepie: To get round shape you need this type of pan. Otherwise you can make in wok like pan. You will not get the shape.

Pooja said...

Looks delicious. Unniyappams are my favourite but I couldnt make as I didnt have the required pan. Now I'll definitely bring one from home next time :)

aan said...

u really dont need the pan. u can fry by using just you hand. take some of the mix after wetting hands, then drop some on to the oil or with a wetted spoon. you will get home-made unniyappan. and each of them will look like tear drops, but only a lot

anyways,,,,really nice recipe...tried it and was delicious.

Sne said...

I happened to see your blog when searching for a halwa recipe but made unniappam instead after seeing your recipe. Result: Deeeelicious. I used a little rice flour but mostly wheat flour and it was yummy. Making a second, bigger batch today. I don't have a pan but just used a spoon to pour the batter so shape on each were not even but we only cared about the taste. Will buy a pan next time we are in India though.
Btw, I love your step by step pictures. Looking forward to trying out your other recipes. I did try your 3 ingredients cookie and turned out great as well. Wasn't sure how it would come out with just the 3 ingredients but was pleasantly surprised.

Pravs said...

Sne : wonderful and glad both the recipes turned out well for you. Thank you so much for the feedback :)

Anonymous said...


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It seems to be plagiarized from your site. Do look into it.

Pravs said...

Anonymous - Thank you for pointing out this site to me.