Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coconut - Lasun / Garlic Chutney

A combination of coconut and raw garlic, with red chili and tamarind, gives a rustic taste to this condiment, that is very popular Marathi chutney preparation. Whenever i shopped for groceries, i would come across this chutney in packets to be sold. Most of the times i would buy it and have along with dosa. Once i had this chutney served along with batata vada in a function and it had strong garlic taste to it. You will need an after mint after having this chutney, since raw garlic is used to make this chutney.


1/2 shell - Coconut, freshly grated
10 to 12 - Dry whole red chili, (or as to one's taste )
10 to 12 flakes - Garlic
Small marble size - Tamarind
Salt to taste


1 ) In a kadai, dry roast, red chilies on very low heat. Once the chilies are roasted (take care not to burn it ), transfer to a plate. Then add coconut and dry roast on low heat till coconut, starts getting the light brown tint. Take oof stove and transfer to a plate to cool.

2 ) In to a blender/grinder, add garlic, tamarind pulp and make a paste of it. Then add red chili and run the blender to powder it. Then add coconut, salt and run the blender to combine all the ingredients together. Don't have to make the chutney too smooth. Transfer to a serving bowl.

Serve with dosa, roti or with rice.


Superchef said...

i totally love raw garlic flavour in them spicy too!

Chitra said...

We too make this without tamarind..Looks yumm.

Homecooked said...

I love this chutney. My neighbour used to make this all the time and they used to have it practically with everything :) Looks wonderful!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Nice and different recipe. Looks so good. Really want to try this garlic chutney. YUM!

Pravs said...

Superchef : We have similar taste then :)

Chitra : I think tamarind is optional, but it does give a boost to the chutney.

Homecooked : Yes, the chutney does go with everything. Thanks for checking on this recipe.

Sukanya : Go for it sukanya :)