Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drumstick Leaves Adai

Adai with drumstick leaves is nutritious and filling. Makes a good breakfast or a snack.


2 cups - Raw rice
3/4 cup - Toor dal
1 tsp - Cumin seeds
1 medium - Onion
6 to 8 - Dry red chili, as to taste
1/2 tsp - Asafotida
2 springs - Curry leaves
1/2 cup - Drumstick leaves
Salt to taste


1 ) Soak rice for 3 to 4 hours and toor dal for one hour separately.

2 ) Grind rice and dal with cumin, chili, curry leaves and onion to a rawa consistency. Transfer to a utensil.

3 ) Add drum stick leaves and salt to taste to the batter.

4 ) Heat a non-stick tawa. Pour batter with a big ladle on the tawa and spread in a circular motion like for dosa. Drizzle sesame oil and cook on both sides till done. Transfer to a plate. Use up rest of the batter to make more adai.

Serve hot with chutney..


Manju said...

that looks realy nice..i love kootu made with drumstick leaves and this looks good too. And I just found out a place here where you get drumstick leaves, i might try this too :) said...

Reminds me of my mom's drumstick leaves adai and this makes me more tempting pravs!

Priti said...

This is new to me and looks just so fab ....such vibrant colour ...loved it

Prathima Rao said...

This is a spicy, mouthwatering version of the all famous adai!!!! Loved it :)
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Apu said...

Looks wonderful!!

Namitha said...

Adai is a fav breakfast at home..adding drumstick leaves is a wonderful twist. But there is no chance for me to get some fresh drum stick leaves :(

''' UMUTSEPETİ ''' said...

Omlete bayılırım :)
Nefis gözüküyor..

Suman Singh said...

This is something new to me but it looks great and delicious..