Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Potato Ishtoo / Stew

This potato ishtoo is one of my favourites to go along with puttu, appam and idiappam. Cinnamon and cloves gives this ishtoo an aromatic flavour and Coconut milk enriches it.


2 big - Potatoes, quartered
1/2 of a medium size -Onion, chopped
2 - Jalapeno chili pepper Or 4 - green chili, slit in center
1 to 2 inch piece - Ginger, chopped
1 medium size - Tomato, chopped
2 to 3 sprigs - Curry leaves
1 stick - Cinnamon
4 to 6 - Cloves
1 whole - Grated coconut, to extract coconut milk
4 - Hard boiled eggs, cut into two ( Optional )


1/2 cup - Onion chopped, fry in oil to a light brown color
Coconut oil


1 ) Extract coconut milk - In a blender/ grinder, grind grated coconut with little water and then extract the first thick coconut milk. Keep aside for final garnish.

  • Make second extraction with same ground coconut. Pour 1.5 cup water and make second extraction.
  • Make a third extraction with 1.5 cup water.

With one whole coconut, you will get a very rich gravy. You can use half of one whole coconut too for the above ingredient proportion. Use less water in extraction.

2) Heat little oil in a sauce pan, add cinnamon, cloves and curry leaves to the pan. Add onion, saute till onions become soft. Then add chili and ginger.

3 ) Pour the 3rd extracted coconut milk. Add potato, salt to taste and cook till potato is fully cooked. Don't over cook the potatoes.

4 ) Add tomato and the 2nd extracted milk. Bring to a boil and simmer. Adjust salt to taste. Add boiled eggs and simmer for 2 minutes.

Finally add the thick 1st extracted coconut milk and take off the stove. Garnish with some onions fried to light brown color.


Serve with Appam, idiappam, puttu or neipathiri.


  • If the gravy is watery when using half of a coconut, then mix little rice flour in water and add to the gravy. This will thicken the gravy.
  • Mixed vegetable ishtoo / stew also can be made in the same manner, cooking other vegetables( peas, carrot, french beans ) along with potato.
  • You can use canned coconut milk instead of extracting coconut milk. You will need one can of coconut milk. Dilute half of the coconut milk with water and use as 2nd extract. Use thick coconut milk as 1 st extract.Cook vegetables in water.


Asha said...

Looks yummy Pravs! Must be so good with Puttu.Good tip about adding ricr flour to thicken,I add dry Potato flakes too:))
Have a great break,My kids are off school too this week for summer,I have to take a break in July.Take care Pravs and come back soon.Hugs.

Anonymous said...

potato ishtoo with hard boiled eggs is new to me. I'll try it out for sure. Thanks for this recipe.

Have a wonderful trip!


Seema said...

Pravs...Oh I have so much heard about this potato and mix veg stew and how best it tastes with aapam urf sponge dosas. Thanx for the recipe and have fun traveling.

Pravs said...

Hi Asha : It is very tasty combo with puttu. Potato flakes...that's a nice alternative, thanks for the tip :D
I will be gone for a while.. so you too take care, have fun with your kids and have a great break :D

Hi Rg: Hey, are you a malayali ? Oh yeah..try and let me know..if you liked it :D

Hi Seema : Yes you heard right :D
Give this a try.. you will like it.

Raji said...

that looks sure yummy
somehow extracting coconut milk always scares me away :)
luv the recipe

Srivalli said...

Nice one, thanks for sharing.

Kribha said...

Oh I love this dish. This is my mom's specality, but she has never used eggs in it. Will it try your recipe soon. Pictures look yum yum. Thanks for sharing this.

Mallugirl said...

potato and egg together sounds good. i make them seperate but ur stew looks so good, i will give it a try.

Pravs said...

Hi Raji : Thank you. You can use canned coconut milk. Fresh is best, anytime :D

Hi Srivalli : Thank you :D

Hi Kribha : Do post your mother's speciality too. Have a great trip.

Hi Mallugirl : You should surely try this.. you will love it :D

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hay ur potato stew is looking YUM!... Love it..

Pecos Blue said...

Sounds good and I have everything for it. I will try it this weekend.

Thank you

Seena said...

Haven't tried stew with egg..
Hope you are doing well..

Pravs said...

Hi Sukanya : Thank you :D

Hi Pecos : Hey, have a great weekend and enjoy this stew with your family :D

Hi Seena : Hey, i am doing well..:D

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is looking so YUM!....Love it..nice colour..

Sia said...

pravs...girl, u r cooking some of my fav dishes... love ishtoo and first time i had this with puttu:) beautiful pics as usual....
have a wonderful trip...will miss u:)

Pecos Blue said...

We had this last night. Great dish--thank you.

Also was wondering if you know how to make dizzy noo shak--a banana curry that I have had in a resturant but have not been able to find a receipe for.

Have a great trip.

Pravs said...

Hi Sukanya: Thank you :D
It is indeed a yummy ishtoo.

Hi Sia : thank you. Hey we have some similar likings :)

Hi pecos : Thats great ! thanks for letting me know :D
Sorry pecos...i have no idea about this dish.

Salma said...

Hai Pravs,

I tried it ...it was excellent ..keep posting ...we enjoyed ur recepies..

Have a wounderful trip

KitchenFairy said...

Oh dear Pravs,You are an expert,what a variety of foods here...This Potato Istoo is new idea to me..Have fun travelling.

Jyothsna said...

Your recipe looks interesting! I make stew a bit differently. I can almost taste it with appams :))

Pravs said...

Hi Salma : Thank you so much for the feed back :D.

Hi KF: Thank you dear :D
Expert onnum alla....orru average cook aa :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pravs! Yep, I'm a malayali.

BTW, I tried this recipe but forgot the fried onion garnish part though....still it tasted grrrreatttt. My son loved it too. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


Pravs said...

Hi Rg: great !! thanks for the feedback :D

Prema Sundar said...

My Mil makes the same stew for dosas ,but she adds turmeric powder and omits tomatoes. with eggs is new.
have a good trip.

Pravs said...

Hi Prema : This stew is supposed to be white or a bit off white in colour...so the tomato is not cooked with potato...but later on.
I have not tried with dosa...must be nice. Is it with neer dosa or the regular dosa?

rahin said...

hey pravs ! first time here , ur site looks pretty decent, lot of gud things goin on here .....gud luck gal n have fun travelling :)

Mishmash ! said...

Praveena, I just noticed ur potato stew recipe this morning...adding egg is totally new to me..and it sounds damn tasty, dear!!


Sharmi said...

I have had this in my mallu friends place but never made them myself. looks yummy. hey long time no see?
when are you going to be back?

Pravs said...

Hi Sharmi : If you liked this stew @ friends, then give a try to this recipe.
Thanks sharmi for enquiring about me :D
I will be back in a months time to start blogging regularly...in between i might post one or two recipes.

Shella said...

Pravs, potato stew with the "rroti" that you get in kerala (which is a slightly sweetened bread) is blissful to say the least.

Shella said...

Pravs, thanks for dropping by, I have linked you to my blog, so that I dont miss out on any of your wonderful recipes

Anonymous said...

Adapted the recipe very successfully-total preparation time-under 20mins!! Husband loved it! Thank you!!

I used frozen mixed vegetables, Maggi coconut milk powder instead of fresh coconut milk, replaced some coconut(cholesterol / triglyceride friendly) with two spoons of corn starch, skipped eggs, used tomato, onion & fresh potatoes. My spice mix: four cloves, one small stick of cinnamon, 1 green chili, ginger powder, garlic powder, fresh ground pepper and saunf, curry leaves and few cilantro leaves. Though the tomato-carrot imparted a mild color, it looked good and tasted great with idiappam!

VVA, Doha, Qatar.

Pravs said...

VVA :Thanks for the feedback. Good you could make changes to the recipe and come up with a mixed veggie stew. Adding saunf and garlic powder will change the original taste from my recipe.But then..why not :) i should try adding saunf and garlic powder, the next time i make ishtoo. Thanks for trying :D

Anonymous said...

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